How to Clean Paintball Mask?

How to Clean Paintball Mask? 4 Effective and Efficient Methods!

Everyone who has visited a paintball field at least once can attest to the game’s addictive nature. And before you know it, it’ll convince you that you require paintball personal protective equipment. It is distinctive in that it symbolizes comfort, hygiene, individuality, and, to some extent, prestige. Comfortable, long-lasting equipment boosts the likelihood of victory in the game by 70%.

However, maintenance and proper cleaning of the equipment are also necessary. So, today in this article, we will look at some effective techniques to clean paintball masks!

Paintball Masks

The choice of personal paintball equipment should start with a mask. They will not allow you to play without one; it is the most vital piece of protective gear because it protects your eyes, face, and ears. Other glasses or ski masks will not suffice; only paintball lenses can withstand a barrage of 14 balls per second.

Paintball masks are made of Lexan, a type of plastic utilized to make these lenses. Lexan is a polymer that competes with bulletproof glass in strength and durability for protective military equipment (shields and visors). A Lexan lens will not shatter into fragments if broken; at worst, it will split into two halves.

Choose a High-Quality Mask- Always!

Most rookie paintball players pay heavily for a high-powered marker without considering the mask as an investment. This is a big omission. A comfortable and long-lasting mask has a higher impact on overall gameplay than a weapon. 

This includes covering the eyes and face and offering a clear view of the playing field without fogging or tunnel vision, reducing skin irritation, and allowing the player to breathe normally. Paintball masks are provided in four pricing ranges: basic, intermediate, advanced, and premium.


This is the most economical category, which influences the quality and functionality of the mask purchased from the main sector. Nightclub rental masks are often the simplest and most unpleasant available, but they are also durable and low-maintenance. What is it that all masks in the base segment have in common? Rubber inner cushioning is far easier to clean than foam with indirect contact with the user. 

The most prevalent sort of such mask is a single-lens variation with insufficient ventilation. They sweat, rub, and have minor flaws that detract from the game’s overall presentation. Choose the most expensive models available.

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They usually include a foamed hypoallergenic insert next to the skin. They are single-lens options with limited ventilation in rare circumstances, but there are occasional exceptions. Even while these masks are more advanced than basic masks and are suitable for occasional amateur gunfights, they are not very comfy.


Advanced paintball masks outperform the basic type significantly. And advanced versions include improved ventilation, double lenses, the anatomical fit of the inside surface, and high-quality foam, to name a few features. Double glass eliminates fogging to 90 percent, and the advantage of a wider viewing angle cannot be overstated. They have more inner space, allowing you to drive while wearing glasses.


A properly chosen premium segment mask will fit perfectly, and it will take little time to become used to them. These masks always have the best ventilation, double-tinted wiser, high-quality foam, and the broadest possible view without distortion. However, not every “weekend warrior” needs to buy a high-end paintball mask. In the advanced division, any paintball player will find their ideal model.

How to Clean Paintball Masks and Take Proper Care?

Cleaning your paintball mask is a must when planning to play paintball. If you don’t clean it, the paint can get into the inner parts of the mask and cause problems with your vision and other things. 

First of all, you need to know what kind of mask you have: a full-face mask or just a half-mask? This will determine how you should clean it. If you have a full-face mask, then follow these steps:

  1. Remove lens coverings from the eyes and mouth area. It is best to do this in warm water with dish soap (you can use hand soap).
  2. Rinse with clean water until no more dirt comes off on the rag or sponge.
  3. Wash with warm soapy water (dish soap) once more, and then rinse with clean water until no more grime is removed from the rag or sponge.
  4. Dry thoroughly before putting back in your bag or storing somewhere safe where there is plenty of ventilation for it not to get moldy over time! If there are small holes in any part of this mask, make sure they are completely dry before using them again, so no moisture gets inside and causes damage over time!

Paintball masks necessitate special care and maintenance! For proper maintenance, you need to take care of the following things.

  1. When exposed to ultraviolet light and cold, Lexan can become brittle. If you play frequently, you recommend replacing your lenses every one and a half years due to the sun’s drying effect on the lenses’ viscous plastic molecules. Taking care of your glasses is simple, but it does entail adhering to a few principles.
  2. Only wash thermal lenses in cool water to prevent condensation from accumulating between the lenses and the glasses. While perspiration will dry, it will leave little specks on the surface, interfering with the evaluation. Although cleaning the gap between the two lenses is possible, the mask’s utility as a thermal mask may be damaged.
  3. Under no circumstances should liquids be used to clean glasses! Water-based paint is easily cleaned with water. A little aqueous solution of liquid soap can be applied to assist in the removal process (without alkali).
  4. Bring toilet paper or paper kitchen towels with you in case of an emergency on the field. Wet toilet paper will not damage the lens, nor will hygroscopic paint or grease scratch the glass. A microfiber cloth would be ideal for the last cleaning step.
  5. First and foremost, check that the mask is properly adjusted to prevent the sweat of the lens. You will be unable to breathe through the pads if they are too close to your face. To clear the windows, apply an anti-fogging substance, such as a car anti-fogging agent. The usage of such products causes no harm to paintball masks.
  6. The use of alcoholic beverages increases the degree of fogging of the mask by 90%.
  7. It is best to maintain a good costly model that fits well rather than replacing inexpensive masks every few months.

The Bottom Line

Paintball masks are thick shields that can protect your face from paintball guns. They are used by people who play paintball games. There are many kinds of paintball masks, but all of them have one thing in common: They must be cleaned to ensure sanitation and long service life!

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