Best Paintball Mask

A list of fantastic paintball mask for people who enjoy playing intensive games without being distracted by the fogging of their protective gear.

Paintball is an exciting sport and game gaining popularity over time. Those who choose to participate in this sport should invest in high-quality protection gear. A paintball mask is the most important of all paintball accessories. No matter what kind or type of paintball you’re playing, a full head paintball mask can make all the difference. Paintball masks essentially kill two birds with one stone; they improve your level of play and comfort and provide protection. A bad model will take an adverse turn once more. The greatest paintball mask is comfortable to wear rather than uncomfortable, and they cover your face, including your nose, ear, eyes and head, right up to your chin.
Furthermore, you are no longer terrified or intimidated in the field, which is especially important if you are still learning the ropes. For professionals, superior paintball masks improve your chances of winning while also ensuring your safety. Don’t be concerned! This equipment comes in various styles and varieties, and we’ve put together a list of the best paintball masks reviews to help you pick the best one out of the hive. Paintball is a competitive team shooting activity in which players remove opponents by hitting them with spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules known as paintballs, which burst on impact. Paintballs are typically fired from low-energy air weapons known as paintball markers fueled by compressed air or carbon dioxide and were developed to mark trees and cattle remotely. The sport is practiced for fun and in a formal sporting setting with organized competition involving major tournaments, professional teams, and players.

Best Paintball Masks

We review the top 14 paintball masks! These paintball masks are made with the best materials, so you don’t have to worry about your eyes, face or skin getting damaged when you play paintball.
We’ve tested these paintball masks to make sure they are safe and comfortable, and we will tell you which one is the best paintball mask for you. Top 14 Masks You Should Buy When buying paintball gear, you need to be very careful because it can be expensive.

1. Virtue Thermal Paintball Mask/ Goggle

Virtue Thermal Paintball Mask puts our high-performance optics technology on everything from street to sport.

It is built to win with VIO lens technology that improves visibility in any condition and provides a large field of view while using the latest lightweight materials that enhance comfort and performance.

Paintball Google’s streamlined value pack design boasts a semi-flexible facemask reinforced with rigid color accents and easy-to-use adjusters.

Paintball Mask features an innovative, versatile design that is customizable to create a custom fit for a more personalized experience. And Paintball goggle’s proven features include a quick change, fog resistant thermal lens with 100% UV protection. It puts our high-performance optics technology on everything from street to sport optics. The paintball full head mask delivers high-end comfort with lightweight, no-echo ear cups, direct mouth vents to breathe easier, and voice-transmitting, replaceable multi-layer eye foam. Awesome paintball mask’s streamlined value pack design is paired with stealth and style, with subdued colors that won’t make you a target. Paintball Face Mask features an innovative, versatile design that is customizable to create a custom fit for a more personalized experience. And Paintballing mask’s proven features include a quick change and a fog-resistant thermal lens with 100% UV protection.

Product Description

Brand NameVirtue Paintball
Lens Coating DescriptionHydrophobic Coating
Suggested UsersUnisex-adult
Package Weight0.52 kg
Ultraviolet Light Protection100% UV PROTECTION
Item Dimensions L x W x H8.43 x 8.43 x 7.09 inches
ManufacturerVirtue Paintball
  • Breathes easier with eye removing foam
  • Transmit voice better with rigid protection zones
  • Large Size masks not perfect for medium face

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2. HK Army Paintball KLR Thermal Anti-Fog Mask / Goggles

HK Army is a leading manufacturer of high-quality paintball equipment, accessories, and apparel.

Since its inception in 2007, HK Army has grown to become a globally renowned brand with distribution in over 60 countries.

HK Army offers a wide range of paintball-related products, from high-performance hard goods to casual clothing. The HK Army SLR face mask provides outstanding protection in key areas while allowing maximum breathability, audible clarity, and mobility.

The HK Army SLR Paintball Mask accommodates the Thermal HD Pure Lens system from HK Army for a completely customized look and a clean field of vision in any lighting situation. The KLR face mask is made of a tough thermoplastic elastomer blend that protects the user’s vital areas while allowing maximum breathability and movement ease. By simply altering the high-density compression molded earpieces or the PVT Lock lens retention mechanism, the KLR Goggle System may be tailored to match any customer’s aesthetic desires. PVT Lock quick-change lens retention mechanism and High-density compression molded earpieces include HK Army paintball masks. With three layers of face foam, you can get the most out of your experience. Chinstrap with a comfort pad that can be adjusted HK Army paintball masks have a sublimated goggle bag with drawstring closure and optically correct high definition dual-pane thermal lens to avoid fogging.

Product Description

Brand NameHK Army
Package Weight0.66 kg
Item Weight0.62 kg
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H11.5 x 8.5 x 8.2 inches
ManufacturerHK Army
  • High-density compression molded earpieces
  • Adjustable anti-slip goggle strap
  • Mask doesn’t covered full chin and size matters also

3. Dye i5 Paintball Goggle

The DYE goggle line’s next iteration is also the next step in paintball eye and face protection technology.

The i5 is the most modern goggle system today, with new innovative technologies like the GSR pro-strap and e.VOKE communication technology. The i5 is the peak of paintball mask development, engineered to perform and created to inspire.

The new i5 goggle system is an aggressive Ultralite mask that provides more protection, ventilation, comfort, sound processing, and safety, all integrated for complete unequaled performance. The Tirodial Horizon 290-degree anti-fog lens provides optical clarity with vertical and horizontal peripheral vision. The all-new GSR Pro-Strap works in unison with the new soft-touch multi-layer foam to provide the most secure and comfortable fit offered in a paintball goggle system. Upgrade your i5 and M2 with the new e.VOKE unit and your i5 and M2 will communicate instantly, wirelessly sending you important game time information. The i5 goggle system allows you to take your game to a new level. This mask is the next step in the evolution of paintball goggles.

Product Description

Brand NameDye
Suggested UsersUnisex
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H8.66 x 8.66 x 7.64 inches
Package Weight0.78 kg
Item Dimensions L x W x H13 x 11 x 9 inches
Item Weight0.36 kg
Model Year2016
  • GSR Pro Strap
  • Anti fog lens
  • Expensive

4. Empire Paintball X-Ray Single Lens Goggle, Black

The X-Ray paintball goggle system includes a visor, hypoallergenic foam, and an adjustable strap of high quality. Beginner’s protection is excellent. Empire is a fantastic mask; it provides excellent head protection, never fogs up, and is quite adaptable. On a steamy day, the lens performed admirably for nearly 7 hours of play. This is a significant improvement compared to rentals, which constantly have smeary residue on the lenses. Lightweight and pleasant to wear.

Product Description

Brand NameEmpire Paintball
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H10 x 9.3 x 8 inches
Package Weight0.39 kg
ManufacturerKee Action Sports
Model Year2015
  • Solid faceplate
  • Reasonable Price
  • Can’t aim down iron sights but best for Airsoft used

5. KEYUTE Airsoft Mask Metal Steel Mesh Full Face Paintball Protective Masks

Military Paintball Mask Airsoft Tactical Mask Full Face is made of high-quality materials that are durable, safe, and dependable. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear, and the protective and frightening metal mesh eye shield is breathable, enabling air to circulate freely and not obstructing vision. They have an easy-to-wear style with adjustable straps.

They are environment-friendly, poison-free, odorless, light, soft, and high-density Resin material. This may adjust the ribbon to fit the size of the head. They are lightweight, shock-resistant, and comfortable to wear. Ideal for war games, paintball, hunting, and cosplay. The mask is attached to the helmet goggle buckle, which is easily removed; the ventilation holes at the nose and mouth protect the face from foreign things while allowing air to circulate. It comes with mounting accessories and can be used with a tactical helmet, ideal for CS matches. A buffer sponge block is included to prevent friction between the face and the mesh face mask, providing comfort and superior protection. The mask may be adjusted to fit the wearer’s head; it has a mesh adjustment strap that can be worn directly on the head, as well as two adjustment straps that must be fitted on the helmet.

Product Description

ColorBlack, Green, Tan
Mask Size19*20CM_135g
  • The eye shield is made of metal mesh and is completely breathable.
  • Light weight
  • Mask design is not attractive

6. Empire X-Ray V2.1 Thermal Protector Goggle

The marks are Anti-Scratch Lenses, specially prepared thermal lenses that decrease fog and scratches. Chin Strap is included in the mask. – Removable and fully adjustable Visor- Designed to direct airflow and prevent fogging. Full head protection that can be removed according to your playing style. Multi-port Ventilation – Superior engineered venting prevents you from being overheated.

Product Description

Brand NameEmpire Paintball
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H11.9 x 9.6 x 4.2 inches
Package Weight1.11 kg
Item Dimensions L x W x H13.9 x 12.6 x 8 inches
  • Multi-port Ventilation
  • Anti-Scratch Lenses
  • Mask size is not comfortable

7. Ifkoo Airsoft Mask Tactical Full Face Mask Military Outdoor Sport CS Protective Paintball

This mask incorporates a shock-resistant high-strength engineering plastic TPU, PC lens, EVA head cushion pad, soft nose rubber cushion pad, elastic nylon strap, and more tough and robust materials. A dual circulation system cools the mask and prevents excessive sweating, but there is no anti-toxic qigong energy.

To activate the fan unit inside the canister unit, need two AA batteries (not included). This mask also has an Adjustable Elastic Strap made of high-density nylon that fits comfortably on various head sizes and keeps the mask in place. The check and forehead pad provides cushioning and energy absorption. The lens has passed the ANSI Z80.3 drop ball test and has a minimum impact resistance of 420 FPS at temperatures ranging from minus 10 to 42 degrees Celsius (At a distance of 5 meters, the length is effective). This Anti-Fog Dual Turbo Fan System Full Face Mask is great for survival games, outdoor live-action CS, cycling, military training, filming, Zombie Soldiers, Halloween, prom party amusement, etc.

Product Description

ColorBlack, Green, Tan
MaterialTPU+PC Lens+EVA
Mask Size19.5×18.5 cm
Fit head size50cm-65cm
Weight360 g
  • Anti-Fog Dual Turbo Fan System
  • Adjustable Elastic Strap
  • Batteries are not included

8. Roberts Cool Knights Full Face Mask Templar Protective Wire Mesh Cosplay Mask for Airsoft Paintball Display

Inside the mask are comfortable cushion pads, carefully designed to enable room between the mask and the month for easy breathing, an easy-to-wear helmet, earphone, and the ability to wear glasses inside the mask. Spider-type 5-point flexible strap with clasp contoured design at back/Mask Goggles comfortable fit and safety for your head/Spider-type 5-point adjustable strap with buckle contoured design at the back. Mask contains one size fits all luxury resin material templar knight type wire mesh mask, tactical stylish looking and perfect for war games, paintball, hunting, and military use, and durable and impact resistant. The mask is made of high-strength glass fiber composite materials that can survive the effects of high-powered lasers. The eye protection in the mask is made of high-grade wire mesh to prevent BB penetration and never fog up during the game.

Product Description

MaterialPlastic, Metal
Sport typeAirsoft, Paintball
  • Comfortable cushion pads
  • High strength glass
  • Only one color available

9. Froiny Airsoft Mask Goggles Anti-Fog Paintball Field Protective Safety Face Mask

The mask is fixed, as is the clasp of the helmet goggles, and the head-wearing accessories can be worn alone. TPR materials are used in the mask. Unsealed, high-strength, impact-resistant vents with a pleasant fit. Marks include anti-fog lenses, clear vision, wear resistance, and scratch resistance. The mask can be easily installed, and the elasticity can be changed according to the form of the face to ensure that it is airtight. Air traps, unsealed and comfortable fit, ergonomic design, superior strength and impact resistance.

Product Description

Item Weight7.0 ounces
  • High-strength
  • Anti-fog lens
  • TPR Material
  • Small size

10. Magnetic Fog Wiper for Airsoft & Paintball Mask

This fog wiper is a manual device that allows the user to slide a wiper/magnet on the lens’s outside, causing an inside wiper/magnet to move in unison and wipe away the fog. SIMPLE! Quantity=1 refers to a single pair of wipers/magnets for single-lens masks, whereas quantity=2 refers to two teams for split-lens masks. This product is ideal for single-pane lens masks, such as those used in airsoft and paintball. Amazon now sells wide-I fog wipers for swimming goggles, scuba diving, snorkel masks, ski/snowboard masks, motorbike visors, professional dive masks, and firefighter masks.  

Warning: This product contains small magnets that are swallowed and can cling together in the intestines, causing serious illnesses and even death. If interests are eaten or breathed, get medical help right away.

Product Description

Skill levelAll level type
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H8.35 x 4.5 x 2 inches
Item Dimensions L x W x H0.65 x 0.65 x 0.54 inches
  • Clear view when desired
  • Easy to use
  • It’s possible that it’ll fall off while you’re playing!
  • Lose size

11. HK Army SLR Face Mask Goggle with Thermal Anti Fog HD Pure Lens System for Paintball mask

HK Army is a leading manufacturer of high-quality paintball equipment, accessories, and apparel. Since its inception in 2007, HK Army has grown to become a globally renowned brand with distribution in over 60 countries.

HK Army offers a wide range of paintball-related products, from high-performance hard goods to casual clothing. The HK Army SLR face mask provides outstanding protection in key areas while allowing maximum breathability, audible clarity, and mobility.

The HK Army SLR Paintball Mask accommodates the Thermal HD Pure Lens system from HK Army for a completely customized look and a clean field of vision in any lighting situation!

The HK Army SLR Goggle – BUILT FOR PAINTBALL, AIRSOFT – will increase your awareness.

The device has highly concentrated airflow zones around the mask, allowing your voice to expand outward, providing clarity and minimizing echo naturally. A unique blend of angular ventilation zones is used for optimal protection and breathability. The tri-layer density foam technology used in 3D memory foam provides unrivaled comfort and fit. Without tools or glue, the upper and lower foam sections can be readily removed and reattached.

The HD Pure lens system is made of optical grade polycarbonate for maximum clarity. The pure lens offers a complete field of view and is fitted with anti-fog dual-layer thermal protection. Because of the streamlined ear panels and precise ear-vent placement, the goggle provides better audible clarity. Without using any tools, the user can personalize the SLR frame and rapidly change the lens using the secure Clip-Lock System. CTX Goggle Strap Pad is designed to make your goggle strap more comfortable and adds padded protection to the back of your head. It has an adjustable chin strap with innovative magnetic slide release buckles.

Product Description

BrandHK Army
ColorDifferent colors available
ManufacturerHK Army
  • Highly focused ventilation zones
  • Anti-Fog Breathability
  • Safety certified
  • Expensive and uncomfortable

12. V-Force Grill 2.0 Thermal Paintball Mask/Goggle

The world’s meanest goggle system has been upgraded with new features while keeping all of the advancements that make this mask the fastest and most efficient swap parts system.

This product has a Click Dry Foam System, a revolutionary foam that can be swapped out for new, dry foam in a flash. Quick Change Dual Pane Thermal Lens, Quick Change Strap, and Ultra-lightweight construction for unrestricted movement are also included.

The Pro Visor on the mask provides additional protection in sunny or wet weather. Increased stability and a faster game with the Silicone Head Strap and Comfort Chin Strap! It comes with a lens carry bag for protection and storage.

Full-Flex ProGrill – soft rubber region on the center face to increase bounce factor. The Ultra-low profile design shrinks the target zone even more. The product has Industry-leading Dual Pane Thermal Lenses with Ant Scratch Coating that offer unrivaled distortion reduction. Also, have optical freedom and Lenses with a spherical shape for better peripheral vision. Aftermarket High Definition Refractive Lenses with reduced UV and zero glare are available in various hues. The Universal Lens – the lens mechanism is the same as the original Grill. The New Visor Design – Snap-in mechanism that is easier and faster. The Flexsoft Ears – For a more comfortable fit. The mask contains improved Venting – It allows for more airflow and clearer conversation.

Product Description

Brand NameV-Force
MaterialSilicone, Rubber
Sport TypePaintball
Suggested UsersUnisex-adult
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H10.25 x 8.25 x 7.5 inches
Package Weight0.84 kg
Item Dimensions L x W x H10 x 10 x 10 inches
  • New Visor Design
  • Universal lens
  • Redesigned Venting
  • Expensive

13. FMA Paintball Airsoft Full Face Mask

The FMA series mask is made of a lightweight new type of carbon material, the bridge of the nose is made of silica gel, and the air outlet is designed to open in the direction of the air outlet, providing maximum ventilation for ideal outdoor sports performance. The F1 mask’s parts are pretty soft, and the adjustable elastic headband can be adjusted to fit any size. The F1 mask provides excellent protection. The anti-fog lens is 2.5mm thick, and the protection level has yet to be determined. [Hardened anti-fog film with inside PC material] [Double-sided hardened anti-fog film with inner PC material]. The F1 mask has a high air permeability related to the mask’s structure. The huge row of heat dissipation holes above is intended to absorb some of the heat generated by sweat on the face. Silicone is used to make the bridge of the nose. The apertures along the nostril’s direction are meant to release exhaled air on time without compromising the lens.

Product Description

Package Weight300 gram

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14. Bunkerings CMD Paintball masks

The Bunkerkings CMD paintball mask is a fog-resistant paintball mask available. It has a sophisticated system that includes several vents around the mouth. These vents immediately filter out warm air and prevent moisture from accumulating.

You will fall in love with its appearance right away. This variant is extremely durable and resistant to abrasion. It is unafraid of the elements. When combined with the best thermal lens, fogging will be a thing of the past. Because the front plate has significant bounce and flex, you may shield your face from hits. On the inside, it’s streamlined to keep you comfy while you’re playing. By maintaining a pleasant feel during use, the microfiber contact layer effectively alleviates pressure on your face from a tight grip. This model features plush BK foam that can be swapped out. The acoustic design ensures that you may communicate without interruption while wearing it. It’s soft, adaptable, and comfy to wear in general!

Product Description

ColorBlue, Black
Sport TypePaintballs
Suggested UsersPaintball
  • Soft foam lenses and frames that are long lasting
  • Breathability to the max
  • Very Expensive

Buying Guide

The single most critical piece of paintball equipment you will own is your paintball mask (also known as a paintball goggle). You can play paintball without a marker, but you can’t play without a mask! Several different paintball masks to pick from, each with another lens type, coverage, and fit. This article will assist you in making an educated selection. Paintball players used to play using ordinary shop or ski goggles in the early days. THIS IS VERY RISKY! Paintball-specific goggles were eventually developed, and their usage today requires ASTM clearance. A goggle lens, a goggle frame, a protective mask, and a goggle strap are all included in paintball goggles.

Paintball Goggle Lens

: A paintball goggle lens is often constructed of Lexan or another polycarbonate polymer for strength and shatters resistance.

The lens fits snugly within the goggle frame to protect the eyes from both impact and paint spray. Depending on the mask model, a lens may be flat and curved or a bubble, designed to provide varying degrees of peripheral and vertical vision, fit, and clarity. Anti-glare and scratch-resistant coatings are applied to the majority of lenses.

A single pane or twin pane lens is available for paintball goggles. A single pane lens is a single-piece design with a cured anti-fog coating. Single lenses are easy to clean and maintain, but they do not resist fogging. Dual-pane lenses, sometimes known as thermal paintball lenses, are made up of a thicker outer lens, and a thinner inner lens joined together by an airtight foam or rubber gasket. The air trapped between the lenses insulates the inner lens, providing the finest possible anti-fog protection. The disadvantage of a thermal lens is the time and effort required to clean and maintain it. If you don’t use a microfiber cloth to wipe the inner lens, it will become softer and more prone to scratching, and you can’t plunge them in water to clean them since water will seep between the lenses and cause them to fog permanently.

Paintball Goggle Frame

The lens is inserted into a paintball goggle frame. The goggle frame and mask are sometimes all one piece. A goggle frame can have a fixed or quick-release lens mechanism. A fast-release lens system is significantly more convenient for cleaning and maintaining your paintball mask than a limited lens system, but it is more complex to build. Hence it costs more. The foam of the goggle frame makes your face when you’re wearing them. This foam must establish a good seal to prevent warm exhaled breath from creeping up under the lens and fogging it up. The foam also aids comfort. Lower-cost masks are often made of more stiff foam, whereas higher-quality masks are thicker, softer materials. Premium masks frequently include two layers of foam, with one thicker layer providing comfortable support and the other gentle on the face and better absorbing sweat. 

Paintball Protective Mask

The part of the goggle that protects your face from impact is the mask. Paintball masks come with varying levels of protection and other features.

There is no such thing as an “ideal” paintball mask; instead, think about your playing style and level of competition. To accommodate more people, beginner and recreational paintball masks are often larger, with more overall surface area, notably along the jawline, forehead, and larger ear parts.

At this level, players desire to have more coverage at the expense of more weight. On the other side, tournament players attempt to reduce as much of their target profile as feasible.

High-end paintball masks are more streamlined, sit closer to the face, and provide as much coverage as is required for field conditions. On players with broadheads and wide faces, tournament masks often leave the bottom of the chin, jawline, and forehead visible.

The majority of recreational masks are made of solid or semi-rigid plastic. This provides the best impact protection against direct paintball strikes, especially close range. The drawback is a thick mask that doesn’t flex and can be fairly painful when banging against items on the field.

Tournament Paintball Masks

Tournament masks are typically composed of a softer, more malleable material.

This makes them more at ease in the demands of the game and encourages paintballs to bounce rather than break.

These masks, however, flex under the stress of a close-range hit, so you’ll still feel the pain of a direct impact. Players in tournaments regard this as a fair trade-off in exchange for a potentially game-changing bounce that keeps them on the field.

Many mid-priced masks combine the two, with a hard upper piece and a softer lower section. They flex in response to impact while still absorbing the force. Milsim players that utilize shoulder stocks prefer these masks because the jawline conforms to the face when shooting. Consider the ear covering provided by a mask. Soft earpieces are sleek and comfy, but they don’t do much to cushion the jarring force of a close-range shot. Hard earpieces are more difficult to hear through and present a solid, non-bouncing target, yet they absorb all impact energy. Examine the ventilation openings. When shot in the mouth, the more holes you have, the simpler it is to breathe and project your voice, at the cost of consuming more foul-tasting paint and shell.

Paintball Goggle Strap

When purchasing a paintball mask, the strap is sometimes disregarded. All goggle straps are elastic to ensure a secure fit on your head. The finest belts on the market contain many silicone beads running around the interior to keep the sizing sliders in place. If your strap doesn’t have these, you’ll have to adjust it several times throughout the day. A toothed clamp is commonly found on high-end masks to keep the adjustment in place.

Full Head Paintball Mask

The whole head paintball goggle system is a different category. This is usually a current model mask with the addition of a permanent or removable full helmet portion.

The best is composed of a flexible material that is hard enough to absorb impact yet pliable enough to adjust your head’s shape pleasantly. Paintball masks with full headshields can be hot and uncomfortable, but they provide unrivaled protection, allowing you to play confidently.

They’re especially popular with young players and adults whose jobs don’t let them show up to work Monday morning looking like they just played paintball! The additional heat and humidity from the complete head coverage necessitate the usage of these masks should be used with a thermal lens.

If you are looking for Best Anti Fog Paintball Mask you can check our reviews for antifog paintball masks here.


What is the name of the paintball mask?

The single most critical piece of paintball equipment you will own is your paintball mask (also known as a paintball goggle).

Is it possible to wear a paintball mask for airsoft?

A paintball mask for airsoft can usually provide appropriate protection for one game for first-time players or those who haven’t upgraded all of their gear yet. However, it cannot do all of the functions that an airsoft mask can because it was not designed expressly for this game.

Which type of paintball mask is perfect?

Empire EVS is the pinnacle of technology, style, protection, and breathability. All rolled into one fantastic goggle!

What is the difference between Dye i4 and i5?

There are a few improvements that set the i5 apart from the i4. The Dye i5’s main feature is that the foam inserts can be replaced. Changes are quick and easy, and a simple push-button system allows you to replace old foam inserts. Other user-friendly design information is included in the turning dial change.

Why do you need a paintball mask?

Paintball masks are designed to protect your face, a top priority even before purchasing a paintball gun. These masks will protect your eyes, but they will also save you from eating paint, getting paint in your ears, and even watching your hair.

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