Best Cheap Paintball Mask

Are you looking for the best affordable paintball mask that protects and lasts? Paintball Masks come in many materials and patterns, making them difficult to choose. In this article, you’ll review some Masks made out of plastic and are much more durable. Some Masks are made of soft rubber to ensure their flexibility.
If you want a cheap paintball mask, then you are in luck. You’ll get the best cheap paintball mask if you continue to review this article.

5 Best Cheap Paintball Masks

This blog post gives you a list of best cheap paintball masks and why they are the best. We’ve done a complete review and comparison of some of the best cheap paintball masks on the market.

1.Empire Helix Goggle Thermal Lens

The Empire Helix paintball mask has a thermal lens and is an excellent alternative for an inexpensive paintball mask with quality features.
The plastic helps make this mask, making it both durable and light. It is splendid since it protects you from paintballs and enables you to wear the mask for more extended periods without exhaust.
The Helix’s strap stays rigid even while moving. The mask won’t come free if you make a sprint for it on the field. Also, persons who wear glasses will not be bothered by this. It’s big enough for spectacles.
The Empire Helix has twin pane thermal lenses, which is an often-midrange characteristic. It prevents fogging and provides excellent optical clarity. Single pane lenses still fog in the rain or when inhaling heavily. That’s not an issue here.
Due to its durability and design, the mask shines where others fail. This mask also features a visor and a brow shield, a terrific combination.
The black plastic is attractive, and the design streamlines. The vents are directly in front of your mouth, so your speech won’t be distorted. Said, it’s the best paintball mask for the money you can buy.

  • Sleek design
  • Useful visor
  • Nice venting.
  • Thermo-dual lens
  • Lightweight.
  • The foam is decent
  • Changing lenses might be complex

2.JFFCESTORE Tactical Mask

JFFCESTORE creates a dual-mode elastic structure linked to the mask through numerous attachments. We did our homework and felt great being struck on the head from any angle while wearing JFFCESTORE. We appreciate that it is adaptable and can be worn in many ways depending on the player.
This mask has 09 pieces of cushioning that adjust automatically. The heavy-duty reinforced material makes it resistant to close-range striking. Paintballs nearly never shatter it. It shielded our eyes from the cold and UV rays, allowing us to concentrate on our fun game with friends.
To brighten up your gloomy environment, JFFCESTORE offers additional spots on the mask for patch attachments. With attack side rails, NVG shield, signal recognition lights, headset holder, and other extras, JFFCESTORE is the most iconic paintball mask.
Also, remember that it suits all head sizes (not suitable for children). Just tighten the velcro straps and chin pad for a secure fit. The mask’s great adjustable strap buckles enable tightening and loosening with one hand. It is just for adults.
Its high visibility prevents fog from freezing and blocking the view. This tough-looking mask is one of the top paintball masks under $100.

  • Dual Mode Design
  • Durable Material
  • Extra Equipment Mounting Points
  • Adjustable
  • Eye protection against chilly wind and UV rays
  • Not suited for children

3. Valken Paintball MI-7 Mask

Tired of the fog and want a clear visibility mask? Review the Valken Paintball Mask, which protects you from any conditions. It has ideal characteristics for both pros and beginners.
At a low cost, it is incredibly protective and durable. It also has a scratch-free two-pane thermal lens for maximum performance. Despite this, it has a visibility of 160° vertical and 260° horizontal. So it is great to view anything when using this mask. The Valken Mask has dual-layer foam for the interior and eyes.
The eye’s protective foam also absorbs moisture and shocks from strikes to keep you safe. Its internal moisture helps to absorb and refresh all perspiration in seconds. Extra-durable back straps make the mask flexible.
The mask’s scratch-free two-pane thermal lens is a great feature. Its lens provides easy visibility with 160° vertical and 260° horizontal vision.
Its built-in visor and rapid lens switching enable you to play comfortably and effectively on wet and essential days. It also contains robust polyethylene components that protect both professional and novice players. Thus, gamers may comfortably play without fear.

  • Impressive ventilations
  • Absolute visibility
  • Quick lens change
  • Destruction-free hearing
  • Impressive ventilations
  • Absolute visibility
  • Quick lens change
  • Destruction-free hearing
  • It comes in limited colors

4. Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System

The Empire E-Flex is a comfortable paintball mask that you’ll appreciate for its average pricing. With Spectra E-Flex foam, you will get assured pleasure. This mask’s users usually praise its comfort. The Empire E-Flex compensates for its lack of style with well-designed foam that makes you feel good.
Breathability is another issue that impacts your paintballing weekends. Paintball masks often sacrifice the vital vent design for appearances. The E-Flex is one of the best ventilating systems we’ve ever tested.
It not only produces heat during strong fighting but also reduces lens fogging. The E-flex also incorporates anti-fog thermal lenses. At this pricing range, we can’t complain about the visibility clarity.
At this pricing variation, the Empire E-Flex disappoints in certain areas. Even if the materials used in its construction aren’t very light, we believe the enhanced comfort it provides makes up for it. The E-Flex compensates for its deficiencies with unparalleled comfort and should be your paintball mask of choice!

  • Superb comfort
  • Good customizability
  • Great breathable
  • Highest price among its rivals

5. GXG XVSN Paintball Masks

This inexpensive paintball mask is both cheap and sturdy! You’re in the sport for simple, durable gear. With ATSM certification and durable plastic construction, you’ll be safe and save money. Owing to its low price, it does not negotiate on comfort. It contains closed-cell face foam, so your brow doesn’t touch the plastic.
It has a back head strap that may adjust to match various head sizes. It’s universal. Instead of double pane lenses, this cheap paintball mask features single pane lenses. In addition, its single pane lenses make cleaning a snap.
It includes vents to guarantee good breathing. However, they aren’t the finest. They enable you to speak properly with the mask on, so don’t worry about suffocating in stressful circumstances.
Also, you may easily wear glasses beneath the mask. With the rapid release mechanism, you can change lenses in seconds.
Buying an inexpensive paintball mask means giving up something. The rear of the head isn’t well protected, but that’s conventional for paintball goggles.

  • Flexible
  • Easily conceals glasses
  • Low upkeep
  • Non-fog
  • Less back protection

Buying Guide

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Cheap Paintball Mask

If you are searching for the best inexpensive paintball masks, you should review several unique and notable aspects. Many buyers ignore them and purchase the mask. Their tiny errors cost them a less comfortable and protective Mask, affecting their confidence in the field.

Avoid losing the game by getting comfortable, durable GSP straps and a protective mask. But don’t compromise their goods and examine all variables beforehand.

Safety And Protection

All variables should prioritize safety. You can play properly on the field without worry. It is unsafe to play without protection for your ears and forehead.

You will feel uneasy and scared when moving due to poor protection and safety. So, We propose you start with the essential variables.

Newbies may utilize a half-head covering mask with enough ear and forehead protection, while pro-level players should acquire the full-head coverage mask.


Second, the most critical consideration is visibility. Don’t sacrifice visibility, particularly long-term. So, get anti-fog scratch-less with a 260 or 360-degree wide-angle view for improved eyesight.

The dual-pane thermal lens won’t fog up in harsh situations. As well as see whether the lens efficiently filters all UV rays and then employs the mask to divert eyesight.

Comfort & Durability

Third, select a comfortable and sturdy mask so you can concentrate on your aim. However, if you are comfortable without any lack of airflow or discomfort, your confidence will enhance.

Head Fitting

Your size and mask size are also important factors to consider. Consider your head size when selecting a mask. It protects you against a loose Mask distracting your focus in the field.


Each inexpensive paintball mask has its benefits and limitations. The options are endless, but we realize that some will be more suitable for you than others. Decide on your criteria, and you’ll be successful.

It turns out that low-cost paintball masks don’t lose out on much enjoyment. Get one of these inexpensive paintball masks now!

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